Time It Takes


I feel the space between us 

when we’re talking on the phone 

The time is passed in heartbeats 

as the silence starts to grow 

This meeting in the middle is my pleasure, It’s my curse 

To hear you but not see you 

Is a dirty little trick 

To have you but not hold you 

Is the irony of this 

And we both know I never hang up first 

In the time it takes a storm to roll in 

the time it takes the rains to begin 

the time it takes a tree to lose a limb 

in the time it takes to kiss you goodbye 

the time it takes the tears in my eyes to dry 

I realize the ruthlessness of time 

60 mixed emotions 

that I can’t begin to sort 

and I know that when you call 

I’ll have no progress to report 

I admit that to forget you I haven’t really tried 

What I don’t get 

is this letting, letting go 

And then this getting so low 

now you’re gone 

And I’ve not kissed another since last we said goodbye. 

Not a thing stays dry in the deluge of today 

My skin and clothes are soaked right to the bone 

The weatherman’s predictions always seem to stay the same 

I know you won’t be coming home