We love this track! ”

— American Songwriter Daily Discovery (What Really Matters)

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In the press...

American Songwriter: 

Daily Discovery and "What Really Matters" Video Premiere

"An urgent commanding vocal that melds KT Tunstall with Florence and the Machine." "We love this track!"


For Folk's Sake: 

"Headlights" Premiere

"Filled with vibrant instrumentation, from the jangle of piano keys to full-bodied, empowering mandolin and backing vocals, the scene is set for Silver to deliver the crux of the tune’s optimistic message with her sweet, moving vocals. 


Eile Magazine

"Great lyrics, and great melody... Refreshing, honest, and well worth a listen" 


Beehive Candy:

"Poignant lyrics... passionately delivered"


Boston Globe:

"Lovely songwriting and arrangements"


Boston Herald:

"Silver first seduces with a rich, highly emotional voice. Though her arty, lyrical flair reflects Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell and even Jane’s Addiction, it’s a very personal modern rock approach."


Performing Songwriter Magazine:

"Silver’s tough-yet-tender vocals move through the space where Lou Reed meets Chrissie Hynde, ensuring that Something Pretty Something True lives up to its name and then some." 


Raleigh Spectator (NC):

"Beautifully throaty, melodic voice belting meticulous poems... a truly talented songwriter"


Lancaster Barfly (PA):

"...a patische of finely tuned female-fronted folk rock that hangs around the meeting point between Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin and Beth Orton." 


Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange: 

"Vocally akin to Chrissie Hynde with an Armatrading shade and powered by an impressive and expansive folk funk a la Dave Matthews, Silver's first full-length studio CD — recorded 'twixt rush hour and bedtime on Boston's south side' — deserves as much attention as we can manage to give it."


Nashville Songwriter Association International, regional director:

"Sultry vocals, intimate lyrics, layered flawlessly over elegant musical arrangements, make singer/songwriter Arielle Silver's unique style of alternative jazz-infused pop a refreshing and exciting new addition to today's AAA market."


Northeast Performer Magazine:

 "poetic lyrics... fantastic songs... this record traverse(s) a range of emotional terrain before the adventure is over."



"You could fall miles into Arielle Silver’s powerful voice.... [Silver] delves deep into life and extracts the deepest of emotions."


The Noise (MA):

"There’s a perfect voice and perfect musicianship on this... an urgency, passion, and honesty in the voice and intelligence in the writing and arranging... a melancholy that hangs over this that just seems right."


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