Freight train’s in the distance, hear that whistle blow 

See it slipping like a serpent beneath the sunset glow 

Further out the clouds are building up a storm 

Throwing bolts of lightning, they say it’s gonna pour 

And someone’s calling someone, I can hear the neighbor’s ring 

But no one’s calling me 

I turn up all the lamps like a lighthouse on the bay 

And tip an empty bottle to another lonely day 

Off the porch in the clover beyond the throw of light 

Fireflies are blinking the coming of the night 

Like a thousand tiny torches on a broken down marquee 

No one’s calling me 

That train knows where it’s going 

If you make it back around 

I’ll be sitting in the porch light 

On the lonely side of town 

Closer now, the clouds, it’s really gonna 

It’s rumbling with thunder like the coming of the Lord 

And someone’s calling someone, can almost hear the choir sing 

But no one’s calling me, no one’s calling me