Whispers By The Lake


Like a glass of water all filled up 

On the dashboard of a shaky car 

First we were spilling over on 

Anyone willing to get close 

Until we were empty 

And now the car doesn’t even start 

It’s showing its age despite 

Its many new parts 


What were those promises we whispered by the lake 

Were they so flimsy that any wind could take 

How can we sleep so close and drift so far away 

Where are those whispers by the lake? 


My skin it is somewhat tender 

My teeth they are somewhat sharp 

I undress in the bright of day 

Then bare my teeth when it gets dark 

It’s been said my bite can soften 

Or I could learn to kiss instead 

A lesson you thought you’d teach me but 

I was schooled in self defense 


It used to be the house was still 

No sounds to wake me in the night 

Now I lay awake till dawn 

The walls they creak with troubled times 

A scales weights, they fall so loud 

The neighbors fret along with me 

Will the scales say we’re blessed 

Or prisoners of our unlived dreams?