Walk Away Instead


Do not look at me that way 

Do not say my name so sweet 

Do call me in the evening and ask if we can meet 

Do not ask me about music or my favorite books I've read 

It'd be better if you walk away instead 

Do not ask me how my day went 

In a voice that knows concern 

Do not offer consolation 

When I'm showing that I'm hurt 

Do not ask for my opinion 

Do not seem to want to know 

It'd be better if you're saying you should go 

I love you is a cocktail shot 

And my friends reminding me of all the time I've lost 

I love you is a noisy sonata 

Of  Valentine's cards and soap opera drama 

When the lights are low 

When your lips are near 

When I feel your soft words upon my ear 

I recall too well past lovers words were said 

It'd be better if you walk away instead 

I love is "lights camera begin" 

The film starts rolling 

Stage fright sets in 

I love you is a songwriter's block 

With plenty to say 

No voice left to talk