“Lovely songwriting” Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe  

"an incredible singer-songwriter right in our backyard" Program Director Marc 'Mookie' Mazcor, 88.5FM KCSN-Los Angeles

“Arielle Silver is a born communicator, an artist whose structured songwriting exudes intelligence and humanity. And the best part is, she's also got a knack for catchy pop hooks and fun arrangements." Music Connection  

"Arielle Silver’s presence commands attention from the moment she takes the stage, and her rich voice and strong delivery surround the audience with beauty and insight. Not to be missed." Jay Wilensky, The Folk Project (NJ)

"[Arielle] totally charmed us... beautiful music, bright countenance, and engaging stories. Already looking forward to the next time!!" Rob Hodges, River Ridge Ranch & Institute, Springville, CA

"[What Really Matters] is filled with an infectious percussive groove, hand claps, foot stomps and an urgent commanding vocal that melds KT Tunstall with Florence and the Machine... We love this track!" American Songwriter Magazine  

"Beautiful storytelling... emotional lyrics, reassuring tones, and intricate melodies" Guitar Girl Magazine  

"'A Thousand Tiny Torches,' from the very first time I played it, became one of my absolute top-5 albums for Woman Singer/Songwriters of all time.  Your drive, power, passion, your words, your wonderful voice - they all combine to absolutely grab me in my core and make me pay attention." - David Carson, Tumbleweed Music Festival, Richland, WA

 "A skilled songwriter, and her warm voice, fluid guitar playing, and stories between songs really draw the listener in.  [Arielle] was a big favorite amongst our listeners at this year’s festival." - Todd Silverstein, San Francisco Free Folk Festival, CA

"extraordinary fluid and vibrant performance... Incisive guitar... well-honed lyrics and complex phrasing...a riveting experience." – Gary Adest, owner/presenter River Ridge Ranch & Institute, Springville, CA

"'You Were Light' should be a massive radio hit. It should be heard by everyone, should be on every radio station and playlist. I'm serious. I love it." - Charlie Silvestri, Up Close And Acoustic (PRI/PRX)

"Arielle Silver stuns with new Americana album: Americana singer-songwriter, Arielle Silver, released her new album, A Thousand Tiny Torches, a journey of self and re-discovery of her dreams through nostalgia and beautiful storytelling. Silver’s emotional lyrics, reassuring tones, and intricate melodies embrace listeners throughout the album... A Thousand Tiny Torches is a delicate representation of Arielle Silver’s restoration of inspiration and revitalization of her dreams. The collection of songs on this album displays her relationship with songwriting and storytelling.... The elegant journey that Arielle Silver illustrates in A Thousand Tiny Torches is invigorating and comforting." Divine Magazine 

"Silver first seduces with a rich, highly emotional voice. Though her arty, lyrical flair reflects Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell, even Jane's Addiction, it's a very personal modern rock approach" Boston Herald 

"There was something about "Someone Else's Dream" that just pulled me in and didn’t let go. The melody, the lyrics… I had to listen to this song over and over again." "I get chills just listening to Arielle Silver. Her songs pull at every heart string in a hauntingly beautiful way" Folk DJ Jon Stein, Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ / WJFF Radio Catskill guest DJ 

"Silver shows that she is an assured singer and songwriter and that she has surrounded herself here with some stellar musicians. Mandolin-led ‘Headlights’... should be a delight to any Americana-tuned ears. Silver though is most assured at ballad-oriented material like ‘Only Forever’ or ‘Someone Else’s Dream.’ For somebody who went away from music for a decade or so, Arielle Silver sounds like she never went away, and ‘A Thousand Torches’ is a confirmation of that." Americana UK 


"Arielle Silver’s “Headlights” was made for a time such as this. The uplifting country folk tune is a healthy reminder of breaking our stressors down one moment, one day at a time. Filled with vibrant instrumentation, from the jangle of piano keys to full-bodied, empowering mandolin and backing vocals, the scene is set for Silver to deliver the crux of the tune’s optimistic message with her sweet, moving vocals." Jonathan Frahm, For Folk's Sake  

"Arielle Silver has crafted a masterpiece in What Really Matters... the lead-off single to a new long-player by Silver, A Thousand Tiny Torches, due out sometime this year. This new music is the product of a resurrection of inspiration and productivity following a long break for Silver. If the messages and music are as strong on Torches remaining tracks as they are with this new single, this may be one of the best releases this year-and it’s only March!" A Little More Vodka, A Little Less Milk 

"an inspirational and influential CD" DJ Jon Sexauer, The Grey Eagle Radio Show, Mark Skin Radio 

"Rich vocals immediately wash over listeners, as Silver builds upon the tradition of performers like Carole King and Sarah McLachlan... The rising and falling sections on You Were Light keep fans firmly planted on the edges of their seats. There is a confident, driving approach adopted by Silver during What Really Matters. With crystal-clear lyrics weaving considerable narrative depth, Silver creates an effort that could easily garner playlist attention. The ability of Arielle to create music on A Thousand Tiny Torches that will appease music aficionados and individuals just wanting something catchy is unmatched, with further evidence continuing to accumulate through this LP." NeuFutur Magazine 

"Great lyrics, and great melody, this song tells how, when everything seems to be against you, that’s when you realise what really matters. Refreshing, honest, and well worth a listen" EILE Magazine 

"After taking a decade-long break from her songwriting career, Los Angeles-based indie folk artist Arielle Silver is back and better than ever with a honestly penned holiday song that is sure to tug at the heartstrings. “Lonely Time of Year” is a break-up anthem for Christmastime, ironic considering the season calls for perpetual cheer and good will. But, with its full band, stunning percussion, and even those elements that most remind us of Christmas, like rich ringing bells, the track falls under the wistful umbrella of Americana, speaking to the part of us that wants to hear a story" Musical Notes Global

PRESS + Highlights

CONTESTS: International Songwriting Competition Semifinalist (2020 - Headlights), 22nd Annual Great American Song Contest Finalist (2020 - You Were Light), Music City SongStar Semifinalist (2020 - Someone Else's Dream, What Really Matters), American Songwriter Lyric Contest (2019 - The Calling) 

BRAND RELATIONS: Official Shubb Capos artist, official Guild Guitars artist, contributor to Roland Articles, The Sign Studio LA sponsorship. Email for brand partnership opportunities.

FESTIVALS:  San Francisco Free Folk Festival (2022), Tucson Folk Festival (2022), Tumbleweed Music Festival (2022, 2021), Club Passim Campfire Festival (Boston 2021, 2019), Make Music Topanga (2022, 2021), BhaktiFest (Joshua Tree 2011, 2010), Lowell Summer Music Festival (MA, 2006), Moksha Fest (Los Angeles, 2011, 2012), Ahimsa Festival (Los Angeles, 2012)  

RADIO: KCSN / (Los Angeles), KPFK-FM (Los Angeles), KPPQ (Ventura), KSKA-FM (Anchorage), KKFI-FM (Kansas City), WXIR-FM, WVTF-FM, WFWM-FM, Gimme Country, WPKN, WXOJ, WMNF-FM, WXKW, WXOJ, KZCT, WTBQ-FM, KWSS-FM, KC Cafe Radio,, Radio Wigwam (UK), KAXE, KCAC, KSMF, KUMD, KXUL, KZRC, WRRW, WSCB (and more here

VENUES: Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Folk Project NJ (Morristown, NJ), FocusMusic (D.C./Baltimore), Music My Mother Would Not Like (Virtual), Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles), Ojai Underground Exchange (Ojai, CA), Club Passim (Boston), John Anson Ford Amphitheater (Los Angeles), Eddie's Attic (Atlanta), 12th and Porter (Nashville), The Middle East (Boston), The Evening Muse (Charlotte, NC), The Lizard Lounge (Boston), John & Peter's (New Hope, PA), Fitzgerald's (Houston)  

PODCASTS: Songbreak (2022), Electric Moon Artist To Artist (2021), Up Close And Acoustic (2021), Crimes Against Folk (Apr 2021), Music Emerging (October 2020), California Country (April 2020) 


  • Music Connection: Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists and Bands / Top Prospects (2020) 
  • Americana Highways: Reader's Favorite Albums 2020
  • American Songwriter: Daily Discovery 
  • ASCAP Foundation Country Songwriting Workshop in honor of Garth Brooks (2020) 
  • The Grey Eagle Radio Show / Mark Skin Radio - Top Songs of 2020 (What Really Matters) 
  • Timber and Steel: The Best Folky Christmas Songs of 2019 
  • Official Pick - "Headlights": Alex Theatre 90th Anniversary, Glendale, CA (2020) 
  • Official Pick - "Headlights": Burbank Cultural Arts Commission Showcase (2020)


Arielle currently serves as Secretary of Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West). She also serves on faculty in the Creative Writing Department at Antioch University Los Angeles and for the International Women's Writing Guild; produces and hosts the podcast Tomes & Tunes; and co-owns Bhavana Flow Yoga. 

Official Shubb Capos Artist

Official Shubb Capos Artist

Official artist of Guild Guitars

Official artist of Guild Guitars

Contributor to Roland Articles

Contributor to Roland Articles

Thank you to local Burbank woman-owned business, The Sign Shop, for Merch Table sign support.

Thank you to local Burbank woman-owned business, The Sign Shop, for Merch Table sign support.