APRIL 23 - MAY 23, 2019

I've been dreaming about this project for months. Writing material. Drawing up plans. Researching and meeting with producers. Putting together the band.  And now, here we are! Amazing. 

A THOUSAND TINY TORCHES is an EP collection of some of the songs I've written in the past year. My last album was released over 10 years ago. A THOUSAND TINY TORCHES is the album I didn't realize I've been making ever since. 

I dare say these are the best songs of my life. They come from growing up and growing older. They come from listening to others and examining myself. They come from loss, grief, joy, love. They come from a deep appreciation of the folk, Americana, country, and singer-songwriter artists who have buoyed my spirit throughout my life.

Will you join me in the making of this album by backing this campaign? Whereas years ago making a record was a magical effort behind secret doors -- nearly impenetrable to independent artists like me, and completely closed off to you -- times have changed. Now, YOU AND I ARE THE RECORD LABEL. 

APRIL 23 - MAY 23, 2019


Did you ever have a dream so bright that, though the path was not blazed, or the road twisted like an M. Night Shyamalan plot, you could follow it like headlights in the dark? 

Did you dedicate everything to your dream, as they say you must, with tenacious commitment?

And, did it happen, after years and years, that one day your light blinked out? 

Over the past year, after a looooooong hiatus from my singer/songwriter career (during which I recorded 3 albums and toured throughout the northeast and across the U.S.) I've been working on a new collection of songs. 

It started last spring with one song about a woman and a question:

"If you were the woman that you wanted to be..." ....? 

Every song is a conversation. As I wrote the pre-chorus, I found myself hearing the song not just as the composer, but as the intended audience. In my early 30s, my own brightly-lit dream -- of recording and performing my own songs -- blinked out. Maybe the electricity faltered. Maybe life got stormy. Maybe I was in a marriage that wasn't working. Maybe I felt too young to be stuck there for life. Though my heart still ached to write songs and sing, I found that I couldn't do it anymore. For the first time in my life, I stepped away from music.

I left the East Coast for someone else's dream in California. I practiced yoga. Wrote down stories from the touring days. Composed music for film/TV. Played in several kirtan/world music bands. Made a lot of pies. I got divorced. Fell in love. Grieved over not having children. Married. Became a stepmother. Published essays and poems. Did very little songwriting (though, truth told, not none). Made more pies.

Ten years went by. 

The years were tender, hard at times, often quite beautiful. I embarked on a sort of archaeological self-excavation. Then, last year, I built a tiny "she-shed" cabin. I needed a quiet place to write. A room of my own. And -- suddenly -- my dream re-sparked. The light went on.

Was the song about the woman? Or was it about me?

The answer came, solid and strong:  I'd be writing songs. I'd be singing. And so I did. I wrote six months' worth of songs, a new one every week. And out of that emerged a new record.

April 23, 2019 is the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for A THOUSAND TINY TORCHES. 

Turns out, sometimes a dream is not at all like headlights in the dark. Sometimes it's a long string of sparks, flickering here and there, revealing pieces of the world one blink at a time, like a time-lapse release. 

Sometimes it's like A THOUSAND TINY TORCHES illuminating the night.


Will you be a part of this campaign and add your light to A THOUSAND TINY TORCHES?