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For all of time, we humans have depended on songs and stories to feel connected with others, to learn about ourselves, and to understand the world.

As an artist, I believe that sharing the experience of music and stories heals the heartache that comes with simply being human in an ever-changing world. Every small heartache that heals makes the world a better place for all.

Whether by glow of a backyard campfire, a living room fireplace, a low-lit dining room, or a driveway set with chairs, I believe this connection between us is essential and everlasting.

Some of my favorite concerts have been in the private homes and backyards of music fans who create lifelong memories for their friends, family, and community. 

If you've ever thought about hosting one of these magical events in your own home, but haven't been sure how to do it, below are answers to frequent questions. I'm also here to answer any others you may have. 

Interested in hosting me in your home? 

Frequent Questions...

What is a house concert? 

House Concerts are intimate evenings of songs and storytelling experienced right in the comfort of your home.


Where in my home?

We gather together in your backyard, or living room, or even in chairs set up in the driveway, to share an evening with like-minded folks who believe in the power of music and storytelling to inspire, move, and heal. 


Who will perform?

I'll perform solo on acoustic guitar and vocals. 


Who comes to the show?

It will be you and whomever you choose to invite. Some hosts like to keep the guest list to people just in their immediate circle. Other hosts open up their home to my locally-based fans, as well. In every case, your home address is kept private and only given out to those who RSVP ahead of time.


How many people should we have?

You can have as few as twenty friends and music-lovers -- or up to a hundred, if that's your vision and you have the space. I've played and attended house concerts on both the smaller and larger size. A typical house concert, though is between twenty and forty people.

Regardless, a "house concert" is not a "house party." It's a listening event, with plenty of time for conversation before, during an intermission, and after the show. 


How much does it cost?

Generally, unless you choose to provide drinks and snacks, there is no cost to the host! House concerts are typically a donation-based concert, and guests are asked to come prepared to make a donation to the artist after the show. 

If you are considering hosting a concert for a special occasion and you prefer to pay a guarantee for the show, we can settle on a flat rate that works in your budget. A ball-park idea is to take your expected number of attendees and multiply it by $15-$25 per attendee.


Besides the space, what does a host provide? 

You get to decide! The host provides seating, and often soft drinks/water. Some hosts also like to provide beer and wine, or light snacks, while others prefer guests to "BYO" or open the evening for a "potluck."   


What about a sound system? 

I have a small PA that gives my voice a little boost on the quiet parts, so that everyone can hear comfortably. All I need is access to an outlet. Some decent lighting helps as well -- a couple of table lamps or just a floor lamp does fine.  


What do I need to do to prepare? 

Let's get the conversation going! I have everything you need to host a fun and successful event, including a sample invitation template, details about set up, timeline, and more. 

 Email your interest and questions to arielle [at] ariellesilver [dot] com or click this button:

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