Downpour Downtrodden


Downpour downtrodden 

We're all trapped troopers in the latest offensive 

If I seem defensive 

I'm just a little apprehensive 

Of any dogma that that's constantly repeated 

In all the media 

Until we finally start to believe in it 

"Well it's wartime, my dear 

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" 

Well, sometimes my straps are slack 

And my boots are cracked in the acid snow 

I don't know how much chemical warfare 

We can bear 

I stare at the latest fashion plate 

SUV, Hummer, tank 

Rolling over the latest legislation 

Salutations to all the fine leaders 

Whose belt buckets grow loose 

In the pheromones 

Of checks and loans 

From corporations that have 

THEIR best interest at heart 

We can start in the mutual masturbation of conversation 

But talk is cheap 

If we just speak and weep 

Sit n' spin 

Nothing changes 

We can't win in the din of talk 

If no one chalks a plan 

Stands up and actually does something different for a change 

Different for change 

I challenge you Team America 

To turn your back on the black oxygen 

Being slid across the sea in slick glides 

Greasy tides rolling up along the shore 

It's just fuel for our war 

Our good natured reputation spoiled 

Try reaping our own soil 

Run your car on Veggie Oil.